Is there enough light inside?

We achieve enough light in the interior using various methods. We place large windows in the front part of the house. The light that enters through them sufficiently illuminates the main rooms located in the front part of the house, such as the living room and kitchen. The ceilings are raised in the front part, which allows us to get light more effectively into the back parts of the house, and we can brighten the rear rooms with skylights. You can learn more about light in the house here.

Is it damp inside?

The exterior walls of the house are made from a single piece of concrete. The concrete itself is waterproof, and water cannot penetrate through it. This property is maintained throughout its entire lifespan, which is more than 100 years. On the concrete, we use a layer of rubber insulation as an additional layer of protection. This insulation is eco-friendly and equally effective as petroleum-based insulation, and it is the only waterproofing approved by Greenpeace.

Is there fresh air inside?

Fresh air in the interior is ensured by passive chimney ventilation. Fresh air enters through open windows or micro-ventilation openings, where it exchanges with exhaled air and travels through openings below the ceiling and out through pipes. Thanks to this system, we do not need any electronics to bring air inside, and due to the large accumulation of heat in the surrounding soil, it is unnecessary to use a heat recovery system as well.

Can I choose the construction company?

Based on our previous experiences, we can guarantee the highest quality and a smooth construction process only if the shell construction is done by our workers, who have rich and essential experience with similar types of buildings. We do not recommend leaving this phase of construction to other companies. We will leave the subsequent phases of construction to other construction companies without major concerns.