We construct environmentally-friendly and technologically-innovative homes of class A0 or Off-Grid.

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The thick soil layer provides natural insulation, maintaining stable temperatures and fresh air with minimal heating. We eliminate the need for ventilation systems and air conditioning. With water-resistant exterior walls and ample natural light, our homes ensure a comfortable, sensory living experience.

Processes in the house

Stable Temperature

The substantial layer of soil creates stable temperatures throughout the year in our homes. It naturally maintains a cool atmosphere in summer and cozy warmth in winter, providing an independent living experience without the need for ventilation systems, air conditioning, or other electronics.

Teplota v podzemnom dome

Fresh Air

Stale air is effortlessly replaced with fresh air using the chimney effect. Through pipes located in the rear of the house, we expel air onto the roof without unnecessary electronics, naturally and ingeniously. 

Fresh air in the underground house

Bright Interior

Large front windows let in plenty of light, while the sloped ceiling effectively distributes it throughout the space. Additional skylights brighten the rear areas.

Light in the underground house


The soil forms a protective layer, making our homes resistant to earthquakes and storms. Our fireproof, flood-resistant roofs can withstand strong winds and falling trees, cooperating with nature even in extreme conditions.

Protection in the underground house

Waterproofing and Materials

We construct our homes with eco-friendly materials: recycled concrete, clay walls, and wooden ceilings. Our waterproof concrete is unrivaled against water and moisture, ensuring the home's longevity. We use the natural water cycle, with a natural filter for rain, consumed, and used water, enabling reuse.

Water proofing in the underground house

Off-Grid Living

Our energy-efficient homes can achieve complete self-sufficiency with photovoltaic panels, which can be installed anytime – even after construction.

Off-Grid underground house

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1. Green roof

Our green roofs produce oxygen without intervention, leaving a positive carbon footprint. You can let them grow carefree with grass, and flowers, or cultivate your own fruits and vegetables.

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2. Ecological materials

When building your homes, we focus not only on the reliable source and quality of materials but also on their ecological impact. We work with recycled concrete, wood, and clay floors and walls, which, combined with a green roof, result in a negative carbon footprint.

Eco Materials


3. A0 class

All our homes are in energy class A0. Compared to conventional passive houses, our energy costs are minimal. While standard homes require heating for 270 days a year, we only need 90.


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